Anna In The Media

Over the course of her badminton career, Anna has done several interviews with the print and visual media. Please feel free to browse some of these news pieces below, and should you or your agency wish to interview Anna, email her at


Danish Club Match interview (in Danish) from December ‘07

Olympic Badminton Story, Channel M Asia Television

Voice of America News, video interview


Radio Canada, July 14 ’08 (in French) 

CBC Radio, Topic: Boycotting the Beijing Olympics 

Cross Country Check-Up with Rex Murphey: April 13, 2008  "Is it fair to use the Olympics for political purposes?" 


CBC Olympics article: “Athlete Won’t be Silenced” by Lindsey Craig


North Shore News Article, July 20, 2008

 Smash hit: Anna Rice blogs and bashes birdies on her way to Beijing article, July 2008:  Players take up the fight against match fixing in badminton

The Vancouver Sun, July 7 2008: Canada's top-ranked woman's a medal long shot

The Vancouver Sun, July 11 2008: Quest for medal ends for Rice


Metro Newspaper, August 9, 2008.


Globe and Mail, August 12, 2008.

Edmonton Journal, August 10, 2008


Toronto Star, August 13, 2008 


Voice of America Online, August 22, 2008


Jyllands Posten Article, October 13, 2008 (In Danish)


The China Post, August 10, 2008 


'Rice Wins Fourth Canadian Badminton Crown', North Shore Newspaper, Feb. 22 '09  


Rice Leaving Denmark After Nine Years In Danish Club League, March 28, 2009

 (Article in Danish)



PICTURES ONLY at the Olympics