Anna Rice Facts



Birthdate: August 19, 1980

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 135 lbs

Coach: Bobby Milroy

Canadian Coach: Julia Chen

Curent Canadian Club: Hollyburn and COBA (ClearOne Badminton Academy)

Previous Danish Clubs: Triton Aalborg, Vendsyssel Elite Badminton,Kobenhavns Badminton Klub, Herlev, Gentofte

Clothing and racket Sponsor: BLACK KNIGHT

Racket Used: Black Knight 

Current Canadian Ranking: Number 1

Current World Ranking:  Number 31

Hobbies: food, movies, other sports, politics, hanging out with friends

Fav Music: Bicycle Shed Ensemble (my sister's band), many Rock and Folk music groups

Fav Food: sushi and icecream (though not sushi flavored icecream, which I have tried!) and Gordie's Chard Roll

Fav Drink: Grass Jelly drink, Bellinis, Sollie's smoothies 

People you would most like to meet: My grandfather, Stephen Lewis, Shirin Ebadi

Languages spoken: English, French, Danish, conversational Spanish

Most embarrasing moment in Badminton:  I have two.  One occurred at the under 19 National Championships finals, when I had a really bad blister on my foot.  I decided to put some vassaline on the blister bandage to reduce the friction, but I guess I put a bit too much.  Halfway through the first set I went for a shot in my round-the-head corner and off flew my shoe and nearly hit the back linejudge in the face!  I fell to the ground but then got up to try to run for the next shot, but then I slipped again on my sock.  Very embarrassing. 

The second embarrassing moment happened in the all-important under 16 girls doubles provincial championship finals.  Unbeknownst to me, a pair of underwear had found its way into my shorts pocket in the wash.  In the middle of a crucial rally, out fell the underwear onto the court.  Of course I was the last one to realize what had happened.  My partner and I- as well as our opponents, burst into laughter and couldn't stop for about 10 minutes.  When I then asked the umpire of our match if he knew if the rules said anything about playing a let if your underwear falls onto the court, he was clearly not amused.




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Anna's Professional Resume


  • Hong Kong Super Series; last 16   
  • Welsh International; finalist
  • Portuguese International; finalist
  • Bulgaria International; semi finalist 
  • Austrian International; semi finalist 
  • Commonwealth Games team member
  • World Championships team member


  • Pan American Champion
  • Bulgaria International Challenge; finalist
  • Toulouse International Challenge; finalist
  • U.S. Open Grand Prix; quarter finalist
  • Philippine Grand Prix Gold; quarter finalist
  • China Super Series; last 16
  • French Super Series; last 16
  • World Championships; last 32
  • Sudirman Cup Team Canada member 


  • Beijing Olympic Games, Last 16
  • Canadian National Champion
  • Finland International Challenge; semi finalist
  • All-England Super Series; last 16
  • Singapore Super Series; last 16


  • Canadian National Champion
  • U.S. Open Champion
  • Pan American Champion
  • Puerto Rico Open Champion
  • Canadian National Champion
  • Canada Open Quarter Finalist

Educational Resume:

Master's Degree in Communication for Development, University of Malmo, Sweden (completed: June 2008).  Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science, University of British Columbia, Canada (completed: August 2001).  High School: Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver.